What should I do when my watch can't be connected to the phone normally?
A: Please follow the instructions:
(1) Install the “GloryFit” App in Google Play or App store and allow all authorizations required by GloryFit.
(2) Make sure both of your watch and mobile phone Bluetooth are turned on. And it would be better that the distance between the mobile phone and the watch
is less than 1m.
(3) If the watch is not connected to the mobile phone through the GloryFit App, but directly through the Bluetooth search, please delete the watch "S2" from
the Bluetooth list of your mobile phone.
(4) If you want to connect to another new phone, please unbind the watch on the original phone through the GloryFit App first. (If the original phone is
an iOS system, you also need to delete the watch S2 from the Bluetooth list of the phone).

Why can't the watch receive SMS / App information notification?

A: Please follow the instructions:
(1) Make sure that you have authorized the SMS/App notification for the Gloryfit App.
(2) Ensure that the watch is connected to the mobile phone
through the GloryFit App.
(3) Make sure "Do not disturb" mode on the watch is turned off.
(4) Ensure that the SMS reminder and App reminder of the GloryFit App are turn on.
(5) Make sure that your GloryFit App is always running in the
Note: Some Android phones automatically close Apps running in the background every 10-15 minutes. If GloryFit App is stopped by the system, the watch will not receive any information
You can keep the GloryFit App running in the background through “Setting” in your phone.
If you don't know how to set it, you can search "your mobile
phone brand + how to keep the App running in the background?"
on Google.

Can’t find the smart watch when trying to select device on the GloryFit App setting?

1. Make sure the smart watch is on and close to your phone;

2. Make sure the smart watch - “TranyaS2” is NOT on the Bluetooth list of your phones;

3. Make sure the smart watch is not connected to any other phones. Search again and you would find “TranyaS2” in your GloryFit App.

Is the watch waterproof?

It supports 3ATM waterproof and dust-proof level (3ATM
standard is 30 meters below water). Usually, you can wash your
hands with the smart watch.
Note: But be sure not to enter the steam room with your watch.
Such as sauna, hot spring, hot bath, etc.

How can I make my heart rate more accurate?
A:(1) Wearing the watch with moderate tightness, and the
sensor behind the watch should be close to the skin.
(2) Switch to the corresponding sports mode when exercising.

Is the sleep data accurate?
A: Sleep data is accurate.
Sleep data is mainly based on heart rate and wrist movement
range. When you are asleep, the heart rate will decrease
significantly. When you are lying in bed and playing with your
phone for a long time, and your heart rate and wrist movements
are similar to the state of sleep, the watch may determine that
you are asleep. However, the third-generation algorithm of our
watch has fixed this problem.
Note: Falling asleep between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. is not recorded.

Why is the time and weather on the watch incorrect?
A: The time and weather of the watch are synchronized with
your smart phone.
(1) Please make sure that your watch has been connected to
your phone through the GloryFit App, and keep the GloryFit
(2) At the same time, the "Location" of your mobile phone is turned on.


How to sync this watch with your phone? (For Android 4. 4 or iOS 8. 0 and above, Bluetooth 4. 0 and above smartphones only, not for pc or tablet.)

1:Download the ‘GloryFit' APP by scanning QR code of the manual, or search ' GloryFit ' from APP store;

2: Open “GloryFit”, fill in User Profile info and bind Tyanya S2 watch.(Please make sure Bluetooth is opened in your phone, but do not pair the watch directly with Bluetooth in your phone setting.)

3: If you connect the watch with the other phones before, please ignore them in Bluetooth setting before you pair with your new phone.

4: If you still cannot pair "Tranya S2" with your phone in "GloryFit", please reference instruction manual before operation.